Board of Commissioners

Georgia State law directs that the Housing Authority of the City of Griffin (GHA) shall be governed by a six person Board of Commissioners that the City Council of the City of Griffin shall appoint. The Mayor appoints each Commissioner to a five year term, Since 1998, the law also directs that the Board shall include an individual who receives assistance from GHA’s federal housing program. 

Commissioners are volunteers. They do not receive any financial compensation for their time or work. Their service on GHA’s Board is a notable instance of community service.

Unless otherwise announced, the Board of Commissioners meets in open public session the third Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm. The meeting location is 518 Nine Oaks Drive, Griffin, GA 30224. 

Board meetings are open to the public. Most meeting agendas have time set aside for public comment. Contact the Housing Authority for further information.



Harvey Pilkenton was first appointed to the Board of Commissioners in 2007. In his role as Chairman, Harvey works with the Board of Commissioners and the CEO to develop the long-term strategies and polices governing the Griffin Housing Authority. 

Bringing a wealth of knowledge in the areas of construction and real estate,  Pilkenton plays an instrumental role in helping the organization grow it’s capabilities in the development arena.




A veteran of the Griffin Housing Authority Board of Commissioners, having first been appointed in 1999, Eula Redding serves in the position of Vice-Chairman. Working in the field of youth education, Eula brings a ton energy to the organization and is passionate about programs that encourage residents to reach their full potential.



Gloria was appointed to the Board of Commissioners in 2014. As a local resident in the Griffin Housing Authority, Gloria is in a position to bring relevant tenant issues and concerns before the Board, to help inform the development of policies and programs the improve the quality of life for our residents.


Jean miller

As a retired property manager in the City of Griffin, Jean has demonstrated her passion for improving the lives of residents in the local area for years. Jean’s firsthand knowledge of property management helps to shape the direction of the Authority’s plan for operating and overseeing the multiple residential communities that it serves. Jean was first appointed to the Board of Commissioner in 2010.


Shirley caldwell

As one of our Commissioners with over 15 years of experience on the Board, Shirley brings a level of continuity to Authority’s governing body. First elected in 2003, Shirley has been instrumental in helping to inform the strategies that are transforming the lives of our current residents and stakeholders in the community. Having retired from Bellsouth, Shirley understands the business operations and communication strategies needed to continue growing the Authority’s capabilities and competencies.


James Stanley Jr.

James is the newest addition to the Board of Commissioners, after being appointed to his first term in 2017.  As a practicing attorney and business owner in the community, James provides immense value to the Board, helping the team to think through any potential synergies and/or conflicts en route to developing a comprehensive strategy to help the Authority meet it’s internal and external goals.