FSS Program

The goal of the FSS Program is to reduce the dependency of low-income families on public assistance programs.  This is a volunteer program designed to achieve self-sufficiency for residents of the Griffin Housing Authority. Those selected for this program will be provided with opportunities for education, job training, counseling and other forms of social services assistance.  

The Griffin Housing Authority will assist interested residents in achieving their goals by connecting them with resources such as GED classes, additional educational experiences, and much, much, more.  Assistance will be provided to help those families that are currently receiving TANF and families wanting the American Dream of becoming a homeowner.  Regardless of the current obstacles standing in the way, the Griffin Housing Authority is committed to assisting participants in breaking down those barriers.   

Some participants may also be granted the opportunity of developing an escrow account, which could be used as assistance in buying a home, acquiring personal transportation or opening a business. Slots are extremely limited. 

For additional information, please reach out to Felicia Ashe at fashegha@bellsouth.net.