Taking Charge

Taking Charge is a housing readiness coaching program developed for the Fairmont Homes residents of the Griffin Housing Authority to be administered in corporation with faculty members and trained students of the Department of Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics at the UGA Griffin campus. The program provides education; guidance and resources to help families and individuals develop the skills necessary to encourage positive leasing habits.

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Program participants will receive educational training that will help them in understanding their lease and the terms of the rental agreement, understanding their rights and responsibilities, as well as, understanding how to have a positive landlord and tenant relationship and how to be a good neighbor. Additional training will provide tips on how to maintain a clean, safe and healthy home (smoke-free environment), what to do if a conflict arises with the landlord or neighbor, how their actions and financial behavior can lead to evictions, and how to prevent evictions.

This is a 15-hour class typically delivered over 6 weeks that covers key information for being a responsible and stable tenant. The program is also designed to provide public housing residents with continual life enriching training opportunities that will enable them to prosper and eventually achieve a higher quality of life resulting in self- sufficiency and reduced or eliminated need for housing assistance.

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