Need to file a complaint?

First, be sure to follow all of the steps listed below BEFORE involving the Griffin Housing Authority.

Write landlord a letter describing all of the problems you are having with the unit.

  1. Inform landlord how long you have been reaching out to get the deficiencies corrected, tell them the methods (email, phone calls, personal visits, etc.) you have used to make contact. If you can provide dates, do so.

  2. Send copy of letter via certified and regular mail. You may also hand deliver a copy. Be sure to keep a copy of all correspondences.

  3. In the letter, give your landlord 10 days to make the repairs. State the date, month, and year.

  4. Inform landlord that if repairs are not made, you will be filing a tenant complaint with the Griffin Housing Authority Resource Center for non-compliance with State of Georgia building codes.

  5. Inform landlord that you will also deposit your rent in an escrow account with the bank until all repairs are made.

  6. Inform the landlord that you do not expect retaliation for asking to have the repairs made, and if there is any retaliation, you will call the news media.

  7. In your letter, describe any life, health, safety, or habitability concerning issues that make the unit unsafe, unsanitary, or unfit to live in.

Download a Tenant Complaint Affidavit