GHA Hosts GSU’s Housing and Health Learning Academy


Griffin Housing Authority played host to Georgia State University’s Georgia Homes for Healthy Futures (HHF) Housing and Health Learning Academy Thursday, May 30, 2019 at UGA Griffin Stuckey Auditorium.  HHF is a framework that supports sustainable systems and practices that intentionally focus on achieving environmental, individual and community aspirations, leading to thriving people and places now, and for generations to come.  Session II: entitled “Stakeholders & Partnerships” focused on exploring the role of partner engagement in advancing the vision of HHF and was attended by over 6 additional Public Housing Authorities and/or Housing Agencies and Management companies throughout Central Georgia.

Selected recommendation for engaging residents and creating partnerships center around 3 components of housing; 

  • Interiors: which reduce stressors and sleep disturbances, and enhance a sense of wellbeing

  • Exteriors: which maximize the use of semipublic space, fostering resident commitment by participating in programs that could produce job creation or provide community service opportunities.

  • Site-based advances: which designate gathering places for adults, improve pedestrian and bicycle circulation, cluster building groups, provide more areas for older children, and create small play areas in existing courtyards in view of other buildings.  Additional recommendations of site-based advances could include gardening, increase and improve on existing trees and vegetation and the creation of suitable space for physical activity, exercise, and health education